Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Learning to love yourself and dealing with hurtful comments

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a good day.
I've been pretty unproductive today not going to lie. This studying is seriously not working out!!!
I will get it under control (eventually).

This morning when I woke up, I checked my social medias as per usual. I went  onto (my name on there is Fiona McNamara if you want to ask me some questions) and I had gotten a question (well more of a statement) that said 'You're ugly with and without makeup, and seriously do something about your eyebrows'. I'm not going to sit here and say it didn't hurt me, because honestly it did. A lot of people ask me, why do you keep if you get hate, I always say that I keep it if some people need advice and are too shy to ask on messenger or whatever. I'm fine with the hate most of the time cuz it only makes me stronger. And I hope that it inspires people not to get down because of haters. 
I didn't answer the question because I didn't want the person who wrote it to get that satisfaction.  Before I did my makeup this morning I took a selfie (I don't wear makeup every day but it so happened that I was going somewhere) and after I was finished my makeup I took another selfie. I used pic collage to put the two photos beside each other, and honestly I was quite a shocked. I do look a lot different. I have very pale, sensitive and dry skin (and very freckled as well) so when I do go to town or whatever I do like covering it with a foundation. 
When I looked at the comparison between the two photos, what that person had said I started to believe. Besides the fact that they are both very bad pictures I started listening to what the person had said. I began to feel really self conscious. 
I felt really hurt and ugly. 
I then thought, if that person was expecting me to look just as good without makeup as I do with makeup they were really kidding themselves. I have never looked at a girl and said 'wow she looks terrible without makeup'. Because in my opinion makeup enhances what you've already got (I'm not calling myself pretty or anything). I am a very self conscious person, and even if someone says my makeup is too dark I worry (I have really pale skin so it's hard to find a foundation that matches) if someone says something negative about me I start to believe it very quickly amd it really gets me down. But I'm not going to let this get me down. Why should this person have a right to put me down about how I look.
 So just try to love how you look, with and without makeup (because you're beautiful with both, no matter what people say).If you're a boy that's reading this I know makeup isn't the best example of it for you (if you're a boy and wears makeup, good for you! I'm not trying to insult you if you do) but for you too, don't ever let people try and let you down over how you look.

 I don't wear makeup to school (bar mascara sometimes) just because I try and give my skin a break, and because it takes way too long. I know a lot of girls who do wear makeup to school, and if you feel comfortable in it then by all means do so! And don't let someome tell you not to! And if you're someone that doesn't wear makeup to school, good for you too! Do you, and do what you feel comfortable with. 

I'm so sick of society telling girls that they always have to look good, and that their eyebrows always have to be 'on fleek'. As you can see I have really thick and dark eyebrows. They are so so hard to mentain, like seriously. The amount of shit I get over them is redicilous. Why can't people just he accepting. Like it's my body, no one else's business. And the same goes for you, if someone is bullying  you about something got to do with your body, (or in general) and you happen to like it. Don't change for them. Chances are they could be jealous. (I'm not saying people are jealous over my eyebrows, they definitely aren't anyway) If you feel comfortable with something keep it. 
I'll stop ranting now, sorry! Anyway moral of the blog: be confident in who you are. 

I love you all, stay strong & confident! Xx

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  1. I think you look beautiful with make up and without

    1. Aw thank you! That's really lovely! Only seeing this comment now! So sorry x