Thursday, 15 October 2015

Self praise & anxiety

Hey guys! How are you? I hope you're well ☺️
My day was calm.

I know I've only briefly talked about my anxiety, but I've decided to go a little bit more in debth about it.

I have social anxiety, which is basically where you get anxious in social situations such as, school (if your asked a question and have to speak infront of people) . If you're In a shop (asking for help and loads of others)

Today at school I do after school study, which is supervised. So basically you sit in a room for an hour and a half with other pople and do your homework, basically. Today the supervisor asked me if I would leave study for a few minutes and get her something from the printer in the office. My heart literally fell, and my anxiety became a 1 to a 10 in the space of a few seconds.

What really scared me was the fact that I would have to get up infront of everyone and leave and then come back. This is one of my worst fear ever. (If you have anxiety you'll know exactly what I'm talking about).

I surprised myself. I confidently walked out (my heart was still beating) and asked for the papers from the photocopier! I walked back in and handed her the sheets and sat down again. I literally could feel everyone's eyes glaring on me. It was one of the worst feelings ever!! But I was so so proud of myself, I has done something that had been my worst fear ever since I started after school study 2 years ago!

When I sat back in my seat, the feeling of accomplishment was so great! I don't think I've ever been more proud of myself (I don't mean to sound vain or arrogant, it's just this doesn't happen a lot)

So basically what I am going to say is, if there is something you are absolutely terrified to do, I know how you feel. But you can do it. Trust me it's terrifying but that feeling of accomplishment is so worth it! And you can do it! Believe in yourself!

I just wanted to share that, just incase it would help any of you! And if it did I'm glad!

I have a history test, so I should probably go study! Thanks for reading this (if you've gotten this far, thank you)
And please leave a comment if you want, or you can contact me on my social medias! Thank you!
Ps. I've noticed that on a few of my other blogs there is grammar, and spelling mistakes, I'm very sorry.  I'll be more careful. Love you x

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  1. Hi Fiona, I can totally relate to this. I too sometime suffer anxiety a lot! Even for stupid stuff like leaving a book behind in my locker.One time I panicked because I was late for class in the morning. My iPod was updating to a new software at night so my alarm didn't ring. As a result I got extra homework and had an anxiety attack after class. I became breathless and threw up. I am considering going to a councillor. At least I am not alone! I love your blog. It is very down to earth. It helps me a lot. Thanks for blogging! ������

    1. Awh, hey, sorry for being so late to reply, I am very sorry.
      I'm Exactly the same, it's the little things that really get to me, I've even got upset after leaving a book in my locker. I panic for being late for class too 😪 awh god, you got extra homework because you were late for class? That sounds very harsh, my teachers will give out but won't do anuthing. I'm thinking about going to a councillor too, you are not alone trust me! Thank you so much for commenting. Awh thank you, I didn't think I was good at blogging thank you that means a lot. If you ever need someone to talk to you can talk to me if you want ❤️ Xx

  2. Hello, it's me again(your first ever commenter). Sorry for not writing to you for so long. A lot has happened. Nothing too serious, just busy ��. I still love your blog as always. I still look for any new blogs on your Instagram. They're always nice to read.
    After months of consideration, I decided to go to a cycololigist. It took a lot of courage but I did it. She was so nice. I loved her. She listened to all of my feelings and I adore her for that. I can't wait for the next meeting.
    I'm glad you're talking about other stuff like that Newgrange trip. I'm very jealous!! I sense the next zoella will be you.
    I hope you have the best xmas ever������.
    From yours truly

    1. Aw hello, wow I'm so sorry I'm so late to reply. Literally 6 months later, I apologize. Thank you so much, that really means alot. Can you DM me on Instagram just so I won't always be so late to reply.
      Wow, congratulations I am so proud of you! I feel like we get so scared of things, that in our head we feel like no matter what it will go terribly. And of course that is not always the case! Newgrange is gorgeous and I highly recommend it!
      Aw wow what a massive compliment thank you so much! I could never imagine myself as big as Zoe, but thanks so so much!
      I had a lovely Christmas, and I hope you did too! Thank you so much for the positive feedback, it really means alot!
      Lots of love,
      Fifi x