Saturday, 10 October 2015

Dealing with bad days.

Hey guys! How are you? I hope you're all great 😘
My day started out boring, just did my homework (which I still have to finish!) and sat around watching YouTube videos, (I'm really lazy).
And for some reason, I just wasn't feeling it today. I was just in a really bad mood, I don't even know why.
This happens to me a lot. I could be the most happiest person in the world (I get really hyper when I'm happy) or I could just be feeling so down (I won't talk to anyone, and I'll just want to be by myself) and unfortunately today was one of those days.
But you've got to have bad days to cherish the good ones.
I tried to get myself in a positive mood, but it didn't work that well, and even right now I'm still not great. This happens all the time so I'm used of it.
I guess it's just because of my anxiety. And my overthinking.

But my reason for saying this is if you're ever having a bad day. It's okay trust me. You're allowed to have off days, you're allowed to be moody. But always remember it doesn't have to be like that, you can do something to make you happy. Remember you determine your happiness always remember that. Today I wanted to be happy, but my anxiety got in the way. I am working on it.
If you're having a bad day ask yourself, what is one thing that would cheer you up. And do it. I wished I had done that today! But I'll do it tomorrow!

My Staurday was very chilled, but I like chill Saturdays. Tomorrow's Sunday, and I hate Sunday, I think even more then Mondays (is that even possible) ahaha. How was your day? Comment below, or you can contact me on my social medias ☺️:
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Well, goodnight. I hope you are all well.
Stay strong,
   Love Fiona x

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