Friday, 9 October 2015

Loosing people & dealing with bullying

Hey guys! How are you? I hope ye are all well 😘

Today started out to be one of the best days ever for me, not that much homework, good mood, had fun. And felt amazing in myself.

When I arrived home I got some news that I had lost a member of my family, it was so hard to take in  at first, I couldn't really believe it had happened.
It has only just hit me, and I think it's safe to say I'm not dealing very well. I think for anyone loosing  someone you love is so difficult, I wasn't that close to this person, but he was family.  And just such a sweet and caring person. And now I won't see him. And that's hard. Really hard. I don't mean to make this blog very deep and not positive, so I am really sorry. But what I do want to say is if you have lost someone and aren't dealing that well. It's okay! It's okay to cry, cry as much as you need, it's okay. Just try and be positive, and don't start saying 'I should have' stop. Because it's only going to make you feel worse. Trust me 😌 .
Think of the good times with that person and cherish them! Know that, that person loves you. And stay strong, you can do it.

Today I witnessed one of my close friends being bullied, I wasn't there when it happened. But I did see a snapchat of it afterwards. I hate bullying, I hate how someone thinks it's okay to make someone feel shit about themselves, just because that person is sad enough to do something horrible lile that. It annoys me so much.
I've been bullied, I know how it feels. I'm one of the worst people to deal with confrontation, if someone makes fun of me, I will smile and laugh brushing it off, but inside. It's not okay, I'll cry about it later because it gets to me. But I will not be able to tell that person that what they said hurt my feelings. However if one of my friends got bullied I would be the first person to tell the bully where to go. I cannot stand it. It annoys me so much!!
If you are a witness of someone who is getting bullied, don't just stand there. Don't laugh because it looks cool, how would you feel if people were starting to laugh and say horrible things to you!
Exactly. You don't need to do something straight away, you could simply talk to the person who was getting bullied and ask them how they are feeling. You could tell a teacher or a parent. Remember you can do something to help someone.

If you are getting bullied, remember that anyone that picks on someone is so sad, and self conscious in their own skin, they have to pick flaws in other peoples. And that's not acceptable. If I say one bad thing to a person (if it just slips out of my mouth) I will feel so bad about it, for the whole day. Even if I've already apologized. You do not have to deal with that crap. Yes. You do not. If you are able, stand up for yourself. You have a right to do so. Tell someone you trust, because no one deserves to be bullied. It's not acceptable. And remember bully's are usually just jealous. So whatever they are saying bad about you, is probably just them being jealous. Stay strong. Stand up for yourself. And believe in yourself.
I get really anxious when people start saying shit ( sorry ) to me, that I won't have the courage to stand up for myself, I try. But I just can't. There will he hopefully one day that I can. And I will. Because like I said no one deserves it! No one!

Sorry today's blog is very deep, I'm just very emotional today! Thank you! I hope this helped you, and if you would like to contact me please do! I love you guys! Stay strong 😘 x x x

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