Saturday, 31 October 2015

Positive vibes

Hey everyone, I hope you're having a fantastic day, and if not remember you can change it by doing something you love doing.

My day has gone really well. I'm feeling very happy and relaxed. I'd love to be able to tell you that I studied, but that would be a lie. I really need to get a handle on things. Seriously.

Yesterday I went to a youthclub disco, and I'm not going to lie, I thought it was amazing! I have anxiety as most of you guys may know, so discos usually aren't a good idea. I would usually get so anxious that I can't breathe, and I would get so dizzy. And dancing would be completely out of the question, like no not going to happen haha.
This time I was with other people, that I felt so so comfortable around. And yes Fiona,who is not a good dancer, actually danced. Just let that sink in!! I wasn't very good mind you, but I honestly didn't care. Which is so weird for me. It was one of the best discos I've ever been to. I felt comfortable and was only anxious for the first fifteen minutes. At the end of the night I was shocked that I had actually gotten through the night with only one panic attack.

I do realise that since I am having a good day, that, that means that not everyone is.  So I just want to say if you're having a bad day, breathe. It's okay, remember the bad days make the good ones so much more special. What helps me when I am having a bad day is to listen to some of my favourite songs (not sad ones, no matter how much you want to listen to sad songs they will just make you feel worse) put on your favourite upbeat song. Seriously it does wonders. Exercise, I can't stress enough how good this actually is for bad days. When my heart feels heavy, I find it so good to go for a walk or to run. It seriously helps. So much. Also eating healthy food (I know how tempting it is to binge on chocolate etc) but food that is good for you will make you feel good trust me.

Bad days for me involve: overthinking, feeling that I'm not good enough, thinking of all the mistakes I've made and being really negative. If you're the same, I just want to say stop being so hard on yourself. It is natural for you to think you're doing wrong all the time, I think it's natural for us. (I'm not sure if some people don't think like this) but if you do, please relax. And remember you're trying your best. I know how horrible it feels, and honestly I woudn't wish it on my worst enemy.
Please remember there is only so much you can do, and believe in yourself. I know it's so much easier said than done. But it does get better, please remember that.

I know the majority of my blog posts are about dealing with bad days, and how to feel mentally better. And maybe that can get a bit depressing after a while (if it does I'm really sorry) I just can't bear the thought of someone feeling as horrible as I do sometimes. It is such a terrible feeling, and if I can help someone in any small way, that's literally made my day.

If any one of you guys ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to me, don't ever forget that. I love helping.
You can comment on my blogs if you would like, and I will help. (I'll try my best anyways). Or you can contact me on my social medias: fionamcnamara
Instagragm: http.lookitsfiona
Twitter : lookitsfifi
Snapchat: fifimc99

I hope this helped! Love you guys! And stay strong xx

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