Sunday, 15 January 2017

You're not Innocent!

In 2013 'You're not Innocent' by Australian singer and songwriter Codi Kaye went viral. It is a song about this girl who got bullied so much she turns to suicide, it shows the pain of her family and the pain of her friends. The people bullied  her so much she couldn't handle it. It asks the bullies how they feel now shes gone. 'You can try you can plead but you're not innocent'. I love this song so much, it is so descriptive and gets the message across so well. You're not Innocent- Codi Kaye:
I would highly recommend you to watch and listen it is incredible. This song gave me the inspiration for this post.

Ever since I stumbled across this song, I can't get it out of my mind, the message behind it is so strong and heartfelt. The sad reality of today is a lot of people are getting bullied, or made fun of. So many people are being laughed at either at school, at work or online sometimes even when they're not there. They are made a topic to laugh at, and they can't eve stand up for themselves because they're not there. It is disgusting and horrible. Anyone who thinks it's okay to laugh at anyone in a demeaning manner in my opinion is a bully.

I know from experience that having someone laughing at you is horrible and makes you feel like crap. Alot of people already have enough things going on in their life as it is they don't needed added sadness and stress. Bullying can range from anything from laughing or being mean to someone or
saying nasty things to people and physically harming them.

I really don't understand what someone can get out of making another person feel bad, making another person depressed and suicidal. Alot of people don't realize that what they are are doing is bullying.They simply think they are 'messing' or joking around. Although I know that there is extreme bullying where people can say really horrible things things like ' go kill yourself' I don't think that can ever be said in a joking manner. At the end of the day we are all humans, we all experiance pain we all have our own shit going on in our life, we don't deserve to be treated like this nor should we allow ourselves to do this to someone else. It is horrible.

Think of it this way. You find school really difficult, you don't like going. Alot of people think its funny to take the piss out of you. Yet they don't know the power of their words or the impact on what they are doing. They think it's 'funny'. Is it funny that you want to get out of school because you can't handle the constant sniggers or the 'jokes' the sarcastic comments?
 Do they think it's funny that you go home crying everyday? That it adds to your anxiety? That it puts you in a bad mood when you get home? That it can make you feel worthless and not loved. That sometimes it can make you want to go and end it all. The things that these people think are 'jokes' are the reason you find it hard to leave your house, and really hate gong to school.
That is not funny. NO matter what.

We all deal with pain in different ways and just because someone doesn't mind the 'jokes' doesn't mean that another person will. It is not fun to be the center of someone's entertainment and fun. It's not fun to go home wondering why it's always you people want to pick on. Wondering why people hate you so much.

How would you feel if you picked on someone because you thought you were only joking and having fun. And then that person commit suicide, how would you feel? That person was so hurt they couldn't live their own life anymore. Their blood is on your hands. Please be careful with your words and actions because you never know how what is going on in someone's life or how things can get to them. Again, just because it doesn't bother you doesn't mean it won't hurt another person.

If you think you're 'joking' or 'taking the piss' think again and think about how someone else would feel and how you would feel if people bullied you. It is bullying.

I may come across as very harsh in this, and fair enough. But I am SO sick of seeing people making people feel like crap and laughing about it. Just think before you speak that is all I'm asking.

If you or anyone you know is going through a hard time with people picking on you, please talk to someone you don't deserve to go through this. Talk to someone you trust you're not alone.

Stay strong x

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