Thursday, 25 August 2016

Be Careful Online...

Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since my last post! It's been a crazy few months! I've been so busy with my YouTube Channel it's crazy! I've also been lacking a lot of motivation and ideas for what to post over here!

Something happened to me yesterday night that really shook and upset me. I'm not going to go into too much detail about it because it is a little bit uncomfortable for me to talk about, but if this can save at least one person that is amazing. Last night I got a message from a man on Facebook named 'Conor Connolly' (the reason I am saying his name is to warn others about him.. he is vile and disgusting if you get a friend request/message from this vile man please don't accept/answer. He is dangerous)  He started messaging me casually so I messaged him back just to be nice. I guess you can see where this is going.. I have just turned 17 and this guy is in his like 20's (that's what he said anyway, but who knows) he asked me my age so from the very beginning he was made aware of my age. He then asked me if I had a bf which I said no to.. he then turned the questions to a very sexual turn.. I protested saying he shouldn't be asking a minor those questions that it was illegal. He was being incredibly pushy and just gross.  Because I'm an idiot I made up answers to some of the questions he was asking instead of just blocking him.. he then asked me for nudes and I said no. He then threatened to send my Dad on Facebook our conversation (don't ask how he knew my Dad's facebook I have no idea..) if I didn't send him nudes. At this point I was so angry and upset. I told him basically to fuck off that he was asking a minor for nudes. My sister stepped in and told him that it was illegal and he was blackmailing me. He even agreeded to what we said. However he kept the threat going until I blocked him. It was so terrifying and made me re-think everything.

You don't need to tell me I'm an Idiot and that I'm stupid and naive because I already know that. That night I had the biggest panic attack ever.. I felt so guilty and ashamed that I responded to such a creep and put myself at risk like that.Thankfully I have such amazing friends and family that helped me through it!!  I usually respond to everyone because I want to be nice.. and if the conversation ever gets inappropriate I usually tell the person to back off.. but this time I didn't because he manipulated me so well (not pushing all the blame on him, I'm still an Idiot). The things this man said to me were horrific and just disgusting which is why I am not putting in the screenshots. Don't make the mistake I did.

Despite the fact that it was a terrifying experience it was still a wake up call. Not all people you meet are legit and have the best interests for you. ESPECIALLY ONLINE. Please don't make the mistake I did. People like this are out for one thing which is to catch you up.. they are vile people. Please be careful.

I honestly got myself so down over this.. I didn't really sleep last night because I felt disgusting. I was naive and stupid and shouldn't have answered his questions (even if I was bluffing in most of the answers) it still wasn't okay. Atleast I know that now. However what this (deletes mean words haha) man did was inexcusable. HE was asking for naked pictures of a MINOR. That is Illegal.. The things he said to me were disgusting and.. ugh I honestly felt sick to my stomach. This was a massive wake up call for me, I am no longer messaging people I don't know and stopping the conversation when it gets inappropriate. Please don't make the mistake I did.. it was so scary! Stay safe x

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