Sunday, 1 May 2016

My April Favorites

I love watching and reading these type of videos on YouTube and Blogs, and I have been enjoying a lot of products this month so I though I'd share them with you guys.


This is the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Cream Wash. I loooove this so much. This is for dry and sensitive skin, and from a dry skin gal I can tell you it is amazing. After I use this my skin feels so soft and clean and so refreshed. On boots it says this is €5.19. I would give this a 8/10.


This is Mac Mineralize Foundation. I love this. I got this off my sister maybe two months ago, and I have been using it a lot. I would say it is a medium to full coverage foundation. On Mac's website it says that 'lightweight foundation that instantly nourishes skin with mineral-rich hydration'. I 100% agree with this. It feels really light on the skin, hydrates my skin really nicely and looks great! This covers blemishes really well, and doesn't cake me up that much. On Mac's website it says this is €36.00, that is quite the splurge, but definitely worth it. For us dry skin beauts this is sooo good! However, if you have oily skin I don't think this is for you just because it is such a dewy foundation. I would give this a 10/10.

This is Maybelline Lash Sensational. Since this came out, most of the beauty guru's have been raving about this. I got this a few weeks after it came out, and since then it is my go to mascara. It is amazing. As you can see the want is curved, one side has shorter bristles and the other longer bristles. I use the short bristles just to coat the mascara on first and the longer bristles to curl my lashes. I love the size of the wand because I have very small eyes and most mascaras are difficult to apply for me. I find that this lasts all day without drooping, however sometimes I can end up with little specks of black on my face, but it's not too bad! Overall I would give this a 9.5/10.

This is a blush from L'Oreal Paris. This is in the shade Rose Santal. I love this a lot, it is such a beautiful rose colour. I find that it is so natural, and not a barbie pink at all. It adds such a nice glow to the face, and I've been obsessing over it. I can't find this on the website, but I bought this in Boots for €10.99. I would give this a 7/10.

This is L'Oreal Paris 379 Sensual Rose. I love this so much, I wear this on natural makeup days. It is so moisturizing and lasts a long time. I have a blog post on my top 5 favourite lipsticks if you would like to check that out. This one is included in it.
I would give this lipstick a 8/10. I believe I got this for around €10.

Makeup Brushes:

This is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush, I love all of the real techniques brushes. I think they are great quality and quite affordable brushes. I love this brush, it blends the foundation really well and doesn't leave streaks! I got this in the Core Collection Palette, I believe for €22. I would give this a 7/10.

This is another Real Techniques Brush, this is called the Contour Brush. Please excuse how dirty it is, I really need to clean it. I don't actually use this for contouring, I love this for blending concealer! I think it is too small to contour, I find it hard anyway but for blending concealer it works amazingly. I got this in the Core Collection Palette as well as the Buffing Brush. I would give this brush a 9/10.

Body Fragrance

This is the Zoella Let's Spritz. If you've been reading my blog for a while or if you know me, you may know that I am obsessed with Zoe so much. I think she is amazing. So is her beauty range, I love everything I have from her range so far, and this is definitely no acceptation. It smells like Summer in a bottle. It smells amazing. I got this for €10.00. I would rate this 10/10.


I am the laziest person when it comes to my hair, I don't really use that many products in it. I wash it twice a week with shampoo and conditioner and  I use this Frizz No More serum. If you have frizzy hair like myself you know the struggle. My friend got me this for Christmas, it tames my hair really well. It smells really nice and works amazingly. I would give this a 9/10.


My sister got me this gorgeous choker from Claire's. I really like this, it's so different and unique. I love it. I'm rating this a 10/10.


Music is my life. I cannot not listen to music. Over this month I have been loving:

This is BlackBear's I don't fucking care, I'm not sure when this song came out, but this month I've been obsessing with it. I love BlackBear as well. 

I have been loving this song by Ruelle, it is called War of Hearts! I am so obsessed with this it is so enchanting I can't get over it. I have also been loving her Album Up in Flames. 

That is everything I have been loving this month. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you've been having a great week. Next week I want to do a Review on The Rimmel London Kate Moss Sculpting Palette. If you would like me to do that please let me know.

I also can't believe it is the 1st of May already, my exams start roughly this time next month, that is actually crazy and really scary. Unprepared is an understatement. Anyway, that's it for now,
 Lots of Love,
                Fiona xx

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