Saturday, 21 May 2016

If you need to hear this

I haven't done a blog post in what feels like ages, because I've just got caught up with piles of school work. 

I was briefly talking to one of my friends about the month of May being horrible/stressful (hey girl). I was talking to her about how stressed I was this month because of exams, and she said she was also stressed as well, so that led me to think about positive vibes for a crappy time. 

So I know that a lot of us are doing exams at the minute, and not going to lie I am the worst for dealing with stress especially exam stress. To say the least I am so unprepared for exams, but that is not what this is about. I'm just so bad at studying, and I also struggle alot in school, so I'm just genuinely stressed all the time. Even if you're not doing exams, you can still be going through a bad time and that is perfectly okay and perfectly normal. 

I feel like people don't get told how well they are doing enough! People can be so quick to criticize but are so so slow to compliment. That shouldn't be the way it is. I love complimenting people because it could really make that persons day, when I get complimented I get really awkward, but it can definitely make my day. 

If you feel shitty or just unmotivated and drained from life I just want to remind you:

  •  You ARE enough. 
  • You're trying and that's what matters.
  •  Everyone goes through different things so do not compare yourself to other people, because that just leads to sadness and more stress. 
  • You survived today and that in itself is amazing, some days can be amazing and some can be unbearable but it's all about believing in yourself.
  • Exams are only for the next couple of months, you can get through them.
  • You can only do the best you can in exams, and that is all that matters. As long as you know you did as good as you could, you shouldn't compare yourself to other people. This is one of my many flaws, I compare myself to others alot, It doesn't help in the slightest. 
  • You are loved, sometimes it can seem like no one loves you, but that's not true at all. 
  • You're doing great, it can feel like sometimes you're just crumbling and everything you're doing is just not working out. Remember that, that's okay not everything will work out at first! 
  • Do things because you want to.
  • I love you. 

You can do this, and you're doing great! Know that everything won't go your way, and that's okay! For me at the moment I've been telling myself in school that with ie. science I won't need this in my  life or I won't be doing it after the junior cert, I'm bad at it I know that, and that's okay. I'm just focusing on the subjects I do like ie English. 
I feel like this is very rambly, but I hoped this helped. 

You're doing amazing, 

                                 Fiona xo



  1. Thank you for those lovely words. I needed to hear them! Whatever you plan to do in the future, just believe in yourself and you are half way there! I know the junior cert is stressful and daunting but you can do it! Think of it as a trail run for the leaving cert! You have plenty of time to worry about it until then.Love you! -CC