Saturday, 13 February 2016

Little things you can do to have a better day

Hello lovelies. I think we all know those days where you just wake and up and you don't feel too good. I know those days all too well, so as you can see I have decided to write about how you can make your day better.

Things I do to feel better:

Eat well:

I think it is so important to have a good and healthy start to the day. I am most certainly guilty of having biscuits or chocolate or something in the morning which is never a good idea, but especially on the days you are already feeling bad eating these kind of foods is never good. Yes, it may be what you really want and you may think it will make you feel better but in reality from experiance I know that later I get guilty about it. So with my breakfast I usually try to include an apple or an orange. Or whatever fruit is in the house. 


If I wake up in the morning and immediately feel terrible, I will make myself go for a run or do a workout or something. I do this because I like running (I don't do it as much as I should) it makes me feel in control of how far I can push myself. And on the plus side it makes me feel good afterwards, until the next morning when I can hardly walk. But I guess as they say "better sore than sorry".



I think this is pretty much a given, especially after exercising, but showering or having a bath is just incredibly relaxing. It can make you forget why you're not having a good day. Especially if you blast music, I love Lightning by Little Mix or Shower by Becky G. And in just general it's really relaxing.

Make yourself feel comfortable:

By this I mean wearing  something you feel good in. When I'm at home and not doing much I love to wear leggings or tracksuit pants because they are so comfy! When I'm having a bad day, I like to wear something nice on top and not just a normal t-shirt! Clothes for me makes me feel so much better! Because you can be so creative with them and I love it.

Do something that makes you feel good:

This could be absolutely anything, when I'm at home I don't usually wear makeup because I'm not going anywhere, so I don't feel the need. However sometimes when I get really down in the dumps. Putting on makeup can really make me feel better. I love makeup anyway because there are so many different looks you can go for. What I'm trying to say is whatever you like doing and whatever makes you happy do it! Whether it's makeup, reading, writing, blogging, youtubing, playing sports, singing. No matter what it is if you like it and it makes you feel good do it!! 


This probably sounds incredibly random, but even if I'm just sitting at home I love wearing perfume and body mist's! They can just change my mood instantaneously. Also nothing beats smelling nice! These are the fragrances I've been loving at the moment.

I've tried to find the name of the Ralph Lauren one, but I think it's just called Ralph Lauren. Nevertheless I love it. It's a very strong scent, I don't know how to describe it but I LOVE IT. The one next to that is of course the Zoella Let's Spritz. You can see that it is well loved considering half is almost gone (tearing up). I love this so much. It's a lovely floral scent. 
And last but not least is the Britney Spears Curious. I feel like this has been out for ages, and I must say  I love it. 

Take the time to relax:

It has to be said, this is my favourite time of everyday. When I'm not feeling good I tend to listen to sad music and just stay in bed or in my room. And that never makes me feel any better. I love watching YouTube. Or movies! Again, whatever makes you feel better!

In my natural habitat. I love watching YouTube when I feel down.
One of my all time favourite YouTubers is of course gorgeous Miss Zoe Sugg!
She can just make my day a million times better. I love her. 
Also, please excuse the fact that my hair is bigger than my future. But what can you do. 

Enjoy the little things:

 When I'm having a horrible day I can be so irritable and moody. This is going to sound incredibly childish but you should know me by now ahahah. Sometimes I will just go to my bed and cuddle with who I like to call GiGi. Don't judge me ahaha. Anyway the moral of this is to find what makes you smile. 

Meet GiGi. How cute is she!?

That is mainly everything I do to make myself happier. I hope you enjoyed reading this! And I hope that if you've had a bad day that this can make you feel better! Stay strong darling.

Lots of Love, 
                     Fiona x 

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