Thursday, 14 April 2016

I'm Only Human

I've been thinking a lot this past week. I am the type of person that punishes myself for every slight thing. That in its self can get exhausting. I'm not sure if I am even going to post this or not, this is just me rambling as usual.

I'm Only Human - Fiona Mc Namara

I'm not perfect, will never be,
I smile, I hurt, that's just the way it is.
I mess up, destroying,
I make mistakes, who doesn't?
I'm only human.

I breakdown, I can't take the pain,
I get caught up in the mess my life entails,
I can't cope, finding everything difficult.
I cry allowing the emotion to escape, who doesn't?
I'm only human.

I'm mean, I'm selfish,
I'm cold and harsh.
I'm clingy and annoying,
I sometimes hate who I am, who doesn't?
I'm only human.

I sometimes don't treat people the way I should, 
I can be ungrateful and greedy,
Impatient and stubborn,
However I'm me and 
I'm only human

If you read it all thank you! This is something I've been piecing together in my mind for weeks and weeks. I hope you enjoyed it, and remember you are perfect the way you are.

Lots of love, 
                 Fiona xx

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