Saturday, 9 April 2016

Get To Know Me Tag

Hello lovelies, today I decided to do something a little bit different! As you can tell from the title today I am doing the Get To Know Me Tag. I have been blogging for seven months already, which is crazy, and I've never done anything like this. Without further ado let's get into it!

  1.  Name? - Fiona Audrey Anne Mc Namara 
  2. Height? 5ft1 (I'm tiny)
  3. Weight? 7.5 stone
  4. Age? 16
  5. Birthday? 18th of August 1999
  6. Girl BFF? Aileen, literally love her so much. She's helped me through more than I know, and she always makes me laugh. She is so encouraging of this blog. 
  7. Guy BFF? Oisin, he's just so supportive and amazing. 
  8. Crush? Yess
  9. Ever fell in love? I'm not sure
  10. Favorite food? Chicken Curry
  11. Last text message? Ciara: where are you? 
  12. Longest relationship? I've only had one so that one, which was nine months
  13. Eye color? Green
  14. Battery Percentage? 46%
  15. Addiction? Instagram, and if you're not following me, follow me! @http.lookitsfifi (shameless self promo)
  16. Favorite song? At the moment I've been loving Jamie Lawson Cold In Ohio 
  17. Favorite animal? Dogs, I love them so much
  18. Sing in the shower? You know it 
  19. One wish? That I could get through my anxiety  
  20. Best time in your life? This is a hard one, I would have to say moments when you have all of your family in the one place, family time is so important to me. 
  21. Country you live in? Ireland 
  22. Pets? Unfortunately I don't have any at home, but my Dad has a beautiful dog named Bruce! Who I love so much! He's such a cutie! 
  23. Plan on getting married? If it happens it happens, although I feel incredibly sorry for the poor soul that has to put up with me
  24. Favorite subjects? I am not good at school to say the least but I do love History and English
  25. First kiss? Yep
  26. Insecure? Unfortunately I'm very insecure, however I'm working on it, which I guess is the main thing 
  27. Ever self-harmed? I'm happy to say I haven't. There have been times I've thought about it, but thankfully I haven't gone through with it. A part of me knows that hurting myself more than I feel, isn't going to make me feel better about myself. Of course everyone has different coping methods. When I feel sad, I'll just cry to get the emotion out and then I'll just watch some YouTube, or do something like taking photos. If you ever feel like self harming remember there are always other ways to cope, of course because I don't self harm I wouldn't know how difficult it may be to stop once you have started! You can always find something else to make you feel better, you can do it 
  28. Who you love? Romantically nobody! I do have a crush but I like him, not love him
  29. Miss anyone? Always
  30. Hair color? Brown
  31. Relationship status? Singleee
  32. Last song you heard? Selena Gomez Hands to myself
  33. Biggest fear? Public speaking
  34. Believe in ghosts? Honestly, yes.
  35. Something you hate? People who think it's okay to pick on someone and make them feel like shit. No love, sit down love yourself and don't make an innocent person feel like shit, if you don't like someone fair enough that doesn't mean you need to be an ass. 
  36. Favorite Tv show? Pretty little liars
  37. Favorite movie? I still love The Host to be honest, if you haven't seen it I would highly recommend it. 
  38. Favorite book? The girl on the train, it was so so good. 
  39. Celebrity crush? Brooklyn Beckham he is just woahhh. He'a also very close to my age, so I have some chance right? No lol. 
    You're welcome.
  40. Jealous of? People who are good at school without effffort. Like please can I get on your level. 
  41. Star sign? Leo 
  42. Middle name? Audrey 
  43. Worst habit? I don't know if I'm the only one that does this, and if you do this too thank god. Sometimes I pull out my eyebrow hair, which is really bad. Which results in bald patches in my eyebrows, now you know 
  44. Number of siblings?
  45. Sports you play? Nothing because I'm lazy lol
  46. Smoke/drink? Nope
  47. Describe yourself in one word? Weird
  48. Embarrassing moment? I don't think I will ever ever forget this. I was in my Irish class, and we had to write a letter for homework about a time we got punished for mitching school, the word for punish in Irish is Pionas ( or something like it, I don't know I'm terrible at Irish). Low and behold my teacher asked me to read out my letter. So I attempted to read out my essay. I struggled immensely on pronouncing Pionas, so instead I said penis.. yes I said penis. I stopped and my heart beat so quickly, I looked up at my teacher and his face was red. I heard some say "did she actually say that". I carried on with reading my essay as fast as I could. I literally felt like crying. Ahh it was so funny though. Going into that class was incredibly awkward for the next week, to say the least. My friends still constantly remind of of it.... thanks guys. 
  49. Future career choice? Photography, blogging and maybe YouTube. 
  50. Advice I would have given my twelve year old self? This is a really interesting question actually. When I was twelve I was incredibly awkward. Personality wise, clothes wise basically everything. I found it really difficult to manage everything. Puberty and everything was really tough for me. I would look up to teenagers and I would just want to be them, because I thought they had it so easy. I was always worrying about clothes I wore, at the time Hollister was massively popular at the time and I didn't have any of it. This sounds pathetic. If you've read my Struggle with Anxiety, you may know that I had anxiety. At the age of twelve I didn't know that the weird thoughts I was experiencing was anxiety. If you would like to read that post the link is here: . To cut a long story short I was incredibly awkward. I would tell myself that you should never compare yourself to other people, because it doesn't do any good at all. I would tell myself that clothes don't matter, you should feel comfortable in yourself. Also I would tell myself that I wasn't crazy and every strange feeling I would get out in public was anxiety. Preteen is a horrible and awkward stage in my opinion. 
That is the Get To Know Me Tag, I hope you enjoyed reading this! I hope you slay this week! Love you. 
Lots of Love, 
                     Fiona x 

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