Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Lipsticks Rimmel, L'oreal and Dior

Hello lovelies, I decided today I would do my top five favorite lipsticks. For those who know me, you may know that I love lipstick more than I would care to admit. Without further delay, let's get into it.

From left to right:  Rouge Dior (759 Rose Palimares), Rimmel London Kate Moss (107), L'Oreal Paris (379 Sensual Rose), Rimmel London Kate Moss Nude (43) and L'Oreal Paris (371 Pink Passion).

1. Rouge Dior (759)

I love this lipstick. This is also the worst photo ever, and it is in the worst condition (kindly ignore). This is my favorite lipstick I own by far, firstly I love the color, it is the most moisturizing lipstick I own. I just love how it feels on the lips.  It lasts a really long time, and is definitely worth the splurge. 

2. Rimmel London Kate Moss (107)

I love this lipstick so much! I love how deep and beautiful the color is! At the time I didn't realize that this photo didn't focus, and it's late now so sorry about that. However, one thing I don't like about this lipstick is that it dries so quickly and can feel very dry, so if you don't like that I would definitely recommend putting a lip balm under. Personally I use Vaseline I think it works perfectly. I spoke about this briefly in my Top 10 Skincare/Makeup products. Here is the link if you want to read this: (after this of course)

3. L'Oreal Paris (379 Sensual Rose)

This is my favorite natural everyday type of a lipstick. It is so moisturizing and when we just take a moment to appreciate this color?! It lasts a long time and just is perfect. Goodjob L'Oreal!

4. Rimmel London Kate Moss (43)

This is like the grossest picture of lipstick ever, I'm sorry. But this is the Rimmel London Kate Moss (43). I really really like this! At first I thought when I bought this I wouldn't like it because it looks very muddy, but it is really gorgeous and is perfect for a natural day. I don't find this drying at all, considering that I find the 107 drying.

5. L'Oreal Paris (371 Pink Passion)

I really really love this! I don't normally go for such daring colors, but this is so so beautiful. It's striking but not too striking. It feels really good on my lips and doesn't feel sticky, but it's also moisturizing. I really like this. 

I feel like if you are looking for a very good  lipstick, you can't go wrong with Rimmel or L'Oreal they aren't expensive and are actually very good lipsticks.And both are amazing quality. They have a really good selection of colors! I would definitely go check them out!

If you are looking for an amazing lipstick there is the pricer option of going for Dior or of course other high up in the market like Mac, most definitely worth the splurge. I don't think you can judge a lipstick by the price, I have tried really expensive lipsticks that were disappointing just as I have found expensive lipsticks that are amazing! I have also tried cheaper lipsticks who were really crap, and ones who are amazing! 

Thanks so much for reading, 
Lots of Love,
                   Fiona xx

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