Monday, 21 December 2015

Weekend away & Newgrange


Hello lovelies! How are you all? I hope you're all great! I have had a really busy few days! 
I feel like this is going to be a really long blog because I have all of Saturday and Sunday! So without delay here goes! I feel like this is going to be really boring because I don't really have any idea of what I'm doing. 

So basically the whole idea behind the weekend away was a surprise few days for my older sister for her birthday! And it was so so nice!! 

Saturday the 19th of December 
My getting ready travel routine 
I don't really know what to call this if I'm being honest, but anyway here goes! 

So I woke up at around eight o'clock. 
I usually sleep in like a jersey and just pajamas pants or something. 

I then just wash my face with this! It's so good for dry skin! I also brush my teeth which I thought was self expandatory. 

I then had breakfast just some toast with chicken & ham, an orange and some water! 

Please excuse the state of my mirror, but I then just tried to find something to wear! I didn't go for this just because it's cropped and it's winter and I get really cold. I got this in Newlook and it says 'wake me up when it's Friday' 

This is actually my sisters, she got this in Penneys/Primark and it says 'trouble' I really like it. 

I then just did my makeup, this makeup bag is from Zoella Beauty and I love it! 

For my 'special occasion' (I tell myself this everyday)  this is the  Guicci Quality perfume, I love it so much! It smells so good! It's really dirty right now! 

I put on a little bit too much makeup, it's not matching to my neck which is really annoying! I'm on a mission to find a foundation that matches. The struggle is real. If anyone knows a good foundation for dry skin and has a good selection for pale skin! Please share x

I then usually do my hair, which for me is nothing I just leave it or put it in a ponytail, no inbetween. It looks very blonde considering I have never dyed it or out highlights in it! 

My Weekend: 

We then left for Kildare! Which was a long journey! We went to Kildare village and went shopping! 

I thought this looked very tumblr. I like it. A lot. 

So, I thought this would be a really good idea at the time, I don't think my brain processed this.. But yea. Amazing photography Fiona. 

I did go and take a normal picture of the reindeer, because I don't even think I have to explain lol. 

I then let my inner child go, and Ciara took a picture if me beside a REINDEER! 

And after that we drove to Drougheda (I think I spelt that right) which is in County Louth (I'm pretty sure). We were staying in a really nice hotel.
I then got ready for dinner! I topped up my makeup! 
The lipstick I am applying here is Rimmel 107! Which I am loving so much! 

I took a picture of my beautiful sister Ciara applying her mascara! She is so beautiful! I think she was using the lash accelator endless by Rimmel London.

This was my outfit! The yellow top is from Australia I'm not sure which brand because my Mom got it for me when she went there! As you can see the mirror picture of me applying my lipstick it's quite short in the back and pulls up but nevertheless I love it. My jeans are from Penneys and my boots are from River Island! 

I'm an idiot let's face it. 

Twin selfie! 

  We then went for dinner in a restaurant called 'The Kitchen' I think. It was pretty nice. We went for my sisters dinner party! It was really nice and cosy! And because I'm really amazing I forgot to take pictures, good job Fiona. Anyway I had macaroni and cheese with truffle oil. It was okay, it wasn't amazing but not bad. For desert we had an amazing cake!!! It was chocolate and basically they didn't put any flour in it! I think it makes it lighter of something and it was the best thing I have ever eaten!!!! And I didn't take a picture if that either. I'm so sorry! 
My anxiety at dinner wasn't great, I get really anxious in restaurants anyway especially when it comes to ordering. That is the tough part! But I managed. It was such a good dinner! The conversations were good and funny! And I think everyone had a great time! 

We then went back to the hotel and Ciara and I just went to bed early! And that was Saturday over! 

Sunday the 20th of December
So today's plan was going to Newgrange! And those of you who don't know what Newgrange is don't worry! It is a monument in County Meath. This is going to be the worst explanation ever! But basically it is an ancient monument made around five thousand years ago in the Neolithic period. Basically during the winter solistace light from the sun passes through the 'roof box' and enters the mound! And lights it up! If you would like more information on it you can go to their website : it is very interesting and so amazing! No joke! 
This is just my photo of it, it's not amazing quality! If you would like a better picture check google, and you'll definitely find better information over there. 

Ciara and I woke up at half five which was really silly, you see I thought we were leaving at a quarter past six but we weren't! Oh well! We were ready by like half six of something (not fully sure). I just wore what I wore yesterday which was a massive mistake, I'll tell you why later. 

When I was washing my face my T-shirt got wet. I went for a natural no makeup day! Simply because it was half five in the morning and I honestly wasn't bothered! 

We then left for Newgrange! Once we got to the visitor center we were picked up by a bus to the Newgrange monument! I came so unprepared and even that is an understatement! See originally I didn't know we were going to Newgrange so I didn't bring warm clothes. My shirt was really light, my cardigan was light and so was my coat and I forgot my heavy scarf. It was sooo cold. It was 9 degrees! Which isn't terrible, but the wind was so strong and just made it so cold. I have never been so cold ever!! 

It was well worth it though! It was so beautiful! 
This was the first photo I took it's blurry but oh well. 
It's so different seeing this on T.V every year and actually seeing it person, it is beautiful! 

This was off the main attraction, it's like a mini Newgrange I guess. It was so cute inside. 

This is the roof box I was talking about earlier, it allows the light to enter! It was so mesmerizing, what struck me most was; how smart people were to be able to figure out that at a certain time each year the sun passes through at a certain angle! It was amazing! 

I think the actual sun came up around twenty to nine, which we did have a really long wait in the cold. But it was well worth it! I'll just post a few photos showing the evolution of it:

This is my fav I like how it's blurry. 

This was the last one I took! 

After the sun had gone through we were allowed (after an incredible long wait) to actually go into Newgrange! The people who had won the 'lottery' for a want of a better word to go into Newgrange got to see the actual sun in there! We only saw a simulator, however with that being said it was still so so beautiful! It's so small In there, the mound is so big and all that's in there is a narrow path! But it's so beautiful! 

Apparently the light lasts in there for seventeen minutes. 

After this we went back to the visitor center and had something warm to eat. Because it was freeeeezing. 

After this we went shopping in Drogheda. I didn't take that many photos but I took some! Drogheda is lovely! 
I really like this, I was walking and accidentally took a photo! I really like it! 

This is just a river I passed on the way to dinner! It's so beautiful! 

We then left back for Clare, and I think I arrived home at around seven maybe! I had a really good time! 

And that was basically everything! I hope you enjoyed this! This is probably going to be my last post until January maybe I'll see :) So I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and an amazing new years! Love you all! Lots of love,
                       Fiona x

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