Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New year, new me?

Hello lovelies! How are you all! I hope you're having an amazing day or had depending on what time you're reading this! It's been a while since my last blog post but it's been christmas and I've been studying really hard and stuff. No I haven't been studying because it's christmas it's a holiday! And I haven't had any time! I've just been trying to spend less time on the internet and more time actually living. But who am I kidding. 

By this title you're probably like 'ugh another one of those people' and I guess you're right to a certain extent. 

I'm being honest I think a new year is like a fresh start! You can put the last year behind you and try and correct the mistakes you made. I think it's quite refreshing and I love New Years! As for the 'new me' part, I have changed every New Years! Of course because I am getting older and hopefully more mature so of course I am changing. I am not saying that in, 2016 I am going to be the best person ever, I'm going to make no mistakes and just be a perfect person because let's be real no one is perfect. Everyone  makes mistakes whether they want to or not. When I compare myself to when I was 13 I am completly different. When I was 13 I was so unmature, weird (still haven't changed) and just *ugh* I hate thinking of 13 year old Fiona.  I'm 16 now, and yes it is only a three year gap but I have developed as a person. Each year I find myself becoming more and more confident. It is by the tinest bit, but it's better than nothing. In no way am I trying to be arrogant by saying that. 
I don't really know what the inspiration for this blog post was. So this is probably really random. But you should know how random I am by now. 

When I look back at 2015, it scares me how fast it went! It wasn't a terrible year I've had way worse! But it wasn't amazing, it was a tough year! But I got through it, and so did you! Just give yourself a pat on the shoulder for that! You're doing really well! I've lost a lot of people and gained such amazing friends and family. 

I want to try and make this year a year where I can really tackle my anxiety, just really mind my mental and physical health! I tell myself this ever year, but you know what I'm getting there and so are you! I want to be a happier person, I want to not care what people think of me! I want to try and be more confident in myself. One day hopefully I can look back and say I made it and I did it. That is the day I'm really looking foward to! I like the idea of New Years resolutions. Mine always goes something like this:

1. Be fitter
2. Have a flatter stomach
3 Be more confidence 
4. Try not to care what people think etc. 
5. Be a nicer person. 

You all may know what I mean and  honestly I'll work out non stop for like two weeks. Then it all goes down hill. So this year I'm going to try work out but not doing so much I stop. When I actually work out I feel really good about myself. 
Having more confidence is something that develops with time, patience & practice. I will get there. Eventually. 
Not caring what people think is a tough one. Hopefully  it will get better this year. Last but not least, I amn't as nice as I would like to be. I can be mean I'm going to try and start being nicer to people. There are so many more resolutions like studying more being more productive the list is endless.  
I think if you set yourself goals, have alot of confidence and patience in yourself you can do anything! 

Also this year I'm going to try and go fresh faced more. Usually I will always wear makeup if I'm heading out basically anywhere but school. It actually makes me really anxious. I'm constantly worrying if my foundation is too dark, if my mascara is too clumpy etc. Don't get me wrong I love makeup! I just want to try and become more confident to be more natural. 
Basically it is an attempt at trying to accept myself more. This in no way is a stab at people who wear makeup everyday, if you want to do that that's great! Do what you feel comfortable with! 

Basically the reason behind this is just a congratulations on how far you have gotten! You're doing amazing. There isn't a lot of posts on this. And I just wanted to reassure you. If you've been struggling for whatever reason, I want you to know that you're doing great! Even though it may not seem like it, you are! 

So as we're heading into the new year I just want to say mind yourself and others, stay positive, stay strong, stay determined and do whatever makes you happy! I don't think I can stress this enough!
I just want you guys to know that you are worth so much more than you know. This has become one of my go to quotes I really love it! I think we're just so hard on ourselves it's difficult to give self praise but you are doing great. 

I hope you have a fantastic year ahead, there may be a few bumps across your journey but that happens to everyone! Stay strong 
       Lots of love
              Fiona x

See ya in 2016 bitches!!! That sounds so crazy to say! Thank you so much for reading this! Love you x 

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